Purna Viraam

(Hindi; full stop)

I am no Sita,
I shall not sacrifice myself
just to prove the purity
of the earth in my body,
the stardust in my chest,
the blood in my veins.

I am no Sati,
I shall not jump into a fire,
because oh!
my husband was humiliated by my father,
and it is a matter of shame
for me.

I am no Draupadi,
I shall not let five men
share me
as if I’m a mere toy;
I shall not let
anyone place me
in a bet;
I shall not let men
disrobe me in an open court
while I scream and wail.

I am no Menaka,
I shall not use my beauty
or my body
to entice a man,
and then be cursed by him,
and yet, carry the
blame of
destroying him.

I am no Gandhari,
I shall not
blindfold myself
to be one
with anyone.

I am not.

I am Shikhandi,
I shall destroy the man
who destroyed me.

I am Hidimba,
I shall not need
to help me suffice,
I shall be

I am Maa Kali,
I shall be the kind and
loving mother
to all,
yet turn destructive,
if be the need.

I am Maa Durga,
I shall combat evils,
unleash my anger
against the wrong.

I am Maa Saraswati,
I shall always
enlighten others
to the best of
my abilities.

I am Maa Lakshmi,
I shall bring
prosperity to each home I can.

I shall.

I am not an object,
I shall not let you
play with me,
disregard me as you will.
I am a woman.
Purna viraam.


It’s Time

It’s time, dear humans,
To undo the ill;
There are wounds to clean
And gaps to fill.

It’s time, with earth,
We fairly dealt,
Animals are dying,
Glaciers do melt.

It’s time to care for
The earth that fostered us.
It’s we who destroyed her
And created this fuss.

It’s time to clear the air
Of all its pollution.
Let’s get up and think,
And find a solution.

It’s time to clean up
The garbage we’ve thrown
Let’s get up and work,
Not sit and mourn.

It’s time we restored the trees
That were felled for our greed.
Let’s green the earth
That you and I need.

It’s time to kill wrong thoughts
That make us do bad,
For our will ought not be
To make someone sad.

It’s time to remove masks
And stop being fake,
For stabbing a back,
Is the biggest mistake.

It’s time to end racism
And make everyone equal.
No white or black,
No boy or girl.

It’s time we lived in harmony
And loved everyone,
And apologised for every
Wrong said and done.

It’s time to change
And write a new story.
Let’s the give the world back
Its long lost glory.

But She’s Still A Human

Yes, it is a baby girl,
Not an auspicious son.
Though you may be sad,
But she’s still a human.

You say she is unlucky,
And she is not strong.
Well, having huge breasts,
Is it really wrong?

Or giving birth to a baby?
Or bleeding for five days?
Or looking really pretty?
Or working always?

Your daughter’s a girl,
Your mother’s a girl.
She’s also a human,
Then why isn’t she equal?

A man can remarry,
A lady can not.
A boy can study,
A girl can not.

Males can rule,
Females can not.
Why is it so,
Have you ever thought?

“He” is good,
“She” is not.
This is what to us
The society has taught.

Just sit for a moment,
And think for a while,
Why is “she” treated in
Such a “savage” style?

Oh! Dear society,
“She” is an able person.
What if she’s a girl?
But she’s still a human…

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