If my messy letters and my haywire words

don’t speak my stories to you,

if my commas hanging down the lines and my fullstops flying away from them

add no essence to my tales for you,

if my chaos and my strangled thoughts aren’t strong enough

for you to let down your walls,

if all you see in my writing is scribbles,

then, for you, I’m a whole universe waiting to be unfolded…

It all started with a pen, a notepad, and some scribbles. All those stories inside me found a way out. The tip of my pen screamed words, and with each passing syllable, a piece of me came out on the paper. And when words couldn’t do it, ellipsis did the thing…

Launched in May 2017, this blog is a little effort on my part to reach out to the world through my writings, and show them things differently from what they’ve always seen, from what they’ve always been made to see. These are my Scribbles, my sweet little escape from everything.

Happy reading!


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